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Great Neck is situated in a peninsula on the North Shore of Long Island, New York, that includes 9 villages, such as the Villages of Great Neck, Great Neck Estates, Great Neck Plaza, and Russell Gardens, and a number of unincorporated areas, as well as an area south of the peninsula near Lake Success and the border territory of Queens. Great Neck area comprises a residential community of some 40,000 people in nine villages and hamlets in the town of North Hempstead. The hamlets are census-designated places that consolidate various unincorporated hamlet areas, such as Harbor Hills, Saddle Rock Estates, University Gardens, and Manhasset.

As of 2000, Great Neck was the second-most ethnic Persian populated place in the United States. with 21.1% of its population reporting Persian ancestry. Beginning in the late 1990s, a number of East Asians, predominantly Chinese and Korean, have been moving into  Great Neck for a high quality public school education.

Great Neck is a 25- to 35-minute commute from Manhattan‘s Penn Station on the Port Washington Branch of the Long Island Rail Road via the Great Neck station. The close proximity to NYC makes Great Neck attractive to many.

Great Neck is known for it’s natural beauty and stately homes, many of which are waterfront. The Great Neck Park District manages Parkwood pool and skating rink complex, the Village Green and sections of Kings Point Park. Saddle Rock Grist Mill, a historical grain-mill powered by tides; known to have been in operation as early as the 18th century. Great Neck is home to the United States Merchant Marine Academy in Kings Point, a summer concert series at Steppingstone Park, formerly part of the Walter P. Chrysler estate in Kings Point. Kings Point Park, the Great Neck Arts Center and the renowned Great Neck Plaza Shopping District. Most notably, F. Scott Fitzgerald‘s House, which was mentioned in his novel, The Great Gatsby  as well as,  “West Egg” referred to King’s Point, a prosperous neighborhood in the North of Great Neck, once known for its prevalence of “new money.”

With the legalization of medical marijuana in New York, Great Necker’s may be surprised to know that a medical marijuana dispensary is in Lake Success, minutes away! In addition, residents of Great Neck may equally be surprised to know that Medical Marijuana Recs NY, a New York based medical marijuana certification company is also located in Great Neck. Lauraine Kanders, NP, a native of Great Neck heads this company and is  committed to providing the residents of Great Neck and surrounding areas with easy access to online telemedicine appointments to get certified.  This method of visitation is advantageous for those who cannot travel to a doctor’s offices because of their severe, chronic, debilitating conditions. Lauraine Kanders,NP and her team at Medical Marijuana Recs NY make this service possible to qualified residents via telemedicine, also known as “video chat” for the purposes of providing the people of Great Neck with expert service in a safe, quick, easy, and efficient manner. Their goal is to help those living in Great Neck and surrounding areas to achieve healthier lifestyles and manage their chronic conditions safely with cannabis use. By working with these medical cannabis experts, you will discover how to improve your well-being using medical marijuana. The testimonials on the web speak for themselves. After reading them, you will come to realize that you will be in good hands.

When you connect with the Medical Marijuana Recs NY practitioners, you see how compassionate, caring and committed they truly are. Lauraine and her team are thorough and make sure that you meet the residency and medical requirements . They will even evaluate your documents for free! The entire process is quick; all you need is an internet connection and a device. Superb safeguards are in place to ensure HIPAA compliance. Medical records are encrypted and your online visits are conducted on a secure portal. Google the reviews to appreciate their value!

Why Medical Marijuana?



Neuropathy is a collection of conditions that are caused by damage to the peripheral nerves. The peripheral nervous system runs through every other region of your body and it’s vast network of interconnected nerves works to transmit messages from the brain and spinal cord to these organs and appendages.

Peripheral nerves regulate a vast array of bodily functions. When the peripheral nerves are damaged, any of these specialized functions can be disrupted, which can in turn lead to a variety of symptoms. The leading cause of neuropathy in America is diabetes. Other contributing causes include: HIV, chemotherapy and other drug treatments, kidney disorders, vitamin deficiencies, and direct physical trauma or stress.

Symptoms of Neuropathy

Peripheral neuropathy usually starts with numbness across the feet and hands and eventually grows to affect the legs and arms as well. Numbness is usually coupled by tingling, prickling, and sharp pains to throbbing, and intermittent burning/freezing sensations. Ongoing neuropathy can lead to balance and mobility issues and, in severe cases, paralysis.

Autonomic neuropathy is a subset of symptoms affecting only the autonomic nervous system. Patients with autonomic neuropathy may experience bowel and bladder issues, dizzy spells, digestive problems, and severe sweating.

In some cases, neuropathy can lead to chronic pain rather than numbness. Usually the patient will experience varying degrees of pain throughout the day in affected areas. This type of pain is far less responsive to common pain medications.


For years, healthcare practitioners have promoted the potential benefits of medical cannabis as a frontline pain management tool. Over the years, several studies have emerged to substantiate these claims.

Researchers posit a few reasons for why medical marijuana seems to be so effective in pain management. Marijuana contains a chemical called cannabinoid. Our bodies happen to have purpose-built cannabinoid receptors located throughout the body. These receptors are part of the endocannabinoid system which regulates amongst other things appetite, mood, memory and most importantly pain. Interestingly enough, when nerve injuries occur, the body produces even more cannabinoid receptors along these pain pathways.

Get certified if you have painful neuropathy! Discover what others have and improve your comfort. At Medical Marijuana Recs NY, Lauraine Kanders, NP and her staff provide New York State residents consultations to get certified online for medical marijuana. Documents are screened ahead for free. Click here to see if you qualify!

If you have any of these symptoms, you may be eligible for medical marijuana certification in New York. Contact our representatives at Medical Marijuana Recs NY for a free evaluation and document review. Our expert medical practitioners, under the guidance of Lauraine Kanders NP , help qualifying patients start the medical marijuana certification process today. Same day certifications possible.

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The Process


By following some easy steps, you can get certified for medical marijuana in New York through our portal. Each state follows has its own regulations. But we thoroughly understand the requirements for getting a certification in NY, and cater to people who qualify for MM use within the state.




That is it! After you get your card, you will head to one the New York City Dispensaries to meet with a pharmacist to obtain products. The provision of the certificate and the card, however, depends on whether you qualify for the use according to the laws of the state.


We service all parts of Great Neck and surrounding areas!  Whether you are from Great Neck, Manhasset, Roslyn, Port Washington, New Hyde Park, Little Neck, Douglaston or Bayside or anywhere else…we are here for you, online!

Our video chat conference allows you to connect with our medical cannabis specialists from your home on your device at your convenience.

New Yorker’s, we have helped countless patients and would love to help you too! Partner with Medical Marijuana Recs NY and book an appointment today.


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