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With only 1700 practitioners currently registered to provide medical marijuana certifications in person obtaining a certification can be challenging, especially if you live outside of New York City. If you’re having trouble locating a suitably qualified practitioner or if you only have limited mobility there are now more accessible certification options available.

On March 3rd 2015, New York passed the “Telehealth Amendment Act” which allowed medical service providers to administer physical assessments, consultations, diagnoses, care management plans and treatments through electronic communications channels. These new capabilities allow qualified medical providers to establish patient relationships without the need for in-person interaction. So consenting medical marijuana practitioners can now legally assess and certify patients online via video chat.

Access to Authorized Dispensaries

Currently there are 30 registered dispensaries operating across New York, but that number is set to rise to 40 as regulations are relaxed around the state. With a medical marijuana card in hand you can purchase a range of treatments for your chronic condition including: vaporizers, tinctures, CBD oils, and a variety of accessories. The convenience of these facilities cannot be overstated, through a registered facility you can be assured of uncomplicated, legal services on a regular basis.

No Legal Issues

Regardless of your intent or the amount purchased, marijuana possession is still illegal across the state of New York. A medical marijuana card allows you to carry legally regulated amounts of marijuana (2.5 ounces)without the fear of legal repercussions.

Reliable Services

With a dispensary you can be assured of consistent pricing and access to a range of standardized precuts. You don’t have to worry about the quality of goods you’re purchasing or any potential side effects from impurities. The knowledgeable RO representatives at the dispensary will be able to offer guidance and advice regarding the products on offer and their appropriateness for your particular condition.