Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Will this process be quick and easy?

Definitely! The registration process is quick and the confidential video-conference will last on average lasts 15 minutes. You can literally be seen and in the dispensary the same day in most cases.

Can my health care provider certify me?

They can only if they’ve taken the training courses and registered with the state. Lauraine Kanders, NP has this credentia

Will I end up on a government list?

Because you are issued a controlled substance, your name and purchases will be recorded, however, this is not a public list. In addition, your chart is confidential you personal information is private and is protected by NYS law and HIPAA.

How do I qualify for an MMJ certification?

99.99% of patients that we see will qualify provided that we have reviewed and approved their documents ahead of time. Following this, the patient will be issued a confirmed appointment for the formal face to face consult online. Unfortunately, though, not everyone who seeks an evaluation will qualify for medical marijuana in New York. Only seriously ill patients with a qualifying condition will be able to register with the program. This is why documents are checked ahead.

What documents should I share for my evaluation?

You’ll need to provide your medical records, proof of identity, and proof of residence. Your New York driver’s license or Non Drivers ID can serve to prove both your residence and identity, even if expired. If you don’t have this you can provide a current utility bill, a lease or deed to a home or a hotel bill paid upfront for 3 months. For the diagnosis of HIV/AIDs, you will be asked to sign a special NYS form.

How much does this cost?

Only $129.99 for a new certification. If you are returning the following year, only $99.99. And if you are a new recertification with us and unexpired, only $119.99. The state also charges $50 for the application fee, but they are currently waiving that so it is $0! Follow ups are $75 and are at the discretion of the practitioner.

What is your refund policy?

There are no refunds because you are know your status before the consult! All documents are reviewed ahead. You will only proceed if you want this.

How much does medical marijuana cost?

NYS Dispensaries set their prices after the NYS DOH Commissioner approves them. The products generally range from $50-150.

Can I still be drug-tested for jobs if I’m a medical marijuana patient?

The only time you will have a pre-employment drug test for THC is if you are applying for a safety-sensitive job in NYC. The rest of the state still allows pre-employment drug screening for now.

How do I know when it is time to follow up or recertify?

You will receive an email reminder one month ahead!

Where do I buy medical marijuana in NYS?

Only at NYS Registered Organizations. Here is the link to the dispensaries:

Medical Marijuana Cards Syracuse Medical Marijuana Cards Syracuse