New York Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Medical Users

New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo plans to introduce a bill that will make recreational marijuana legal throughout the state. Although this will be the third time Cuomo has introduced a similar bill, New Jersey’s passing of a similar law to legalize recreational marijuana this year has encouraged optimism that the bill will be passed into law this time. If the law does pass, current patients using medical cannabis may be tempted to discontinue seeing their regular practitioner in favor of trying recreational varieties. However, experimenting on your own could have unintended side-effects. Why should existing medical cannabis patients continue seeing their regular practitioners for treatment after recreational marijuana becomes legal? 

New York Recreational Marijuana Legalization and Medical Users

New York already allows for the medical use of marijuana for state residents who suffer from severe debilitating or life-threatening conditions as outlined by the state department of health. These conditions include everything from cancer and chronic pain to seizures and PTSD. A registered practitioner can not only help you get approved for your NY Medical Marijuana Card; they can guide you through different strains and products available to find the most effective treatment for you. They will also continuously follow up with you and your progress to ensure you are getting the maximum benefit from the treatment. Furthermore, a medical patient will reap the benefits of not being over taxed which will in turn save lot’s of money.

The Challenges with New York Recreational Marijuana Legalization

If the state does legalize recreational marijuana, some patients may decide to bypass meeting with their practitioner and attempt to self-medicate, using the type of marijuana they believe is best for their condition. However, the use of medical marijuana should be seen differently than recreational use since both options have different goals and can have different results. The strains and concentrations sold for recreational use will not have the same strength or effects as those for medical use, so even if you were able to find a similar product in a recreational shop, it might not be as effective as the product you can get with your prescription. Experimenting on your own could result in unpleasant side effects, or symptoms of your condition could re-appear. Since a Bud-tender will not have the same knowledge and background with treating medical conditions with cannabis, they also cannot give you medical advice on which strains will be best for your condition. 

Lauraine Kanders, ANP, ACNP-BC Can Provide Guidance for Medical Marijuana Use

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