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The Cost of Medical Marijuana in New York

There has been a recent wave of interest in medical marijuana legalization across the United States, with around 33 states legalizing the drug for medical use. 10 out of these 33 states allow residents to consume MMJ recreationally as well, while 23 allow the drug to be consumed for medical purposes only.

Considering the growing legalization of medical marijuana, and the fact that the drug is under extensive research for possible future uses as well, consumers have numerous questions pertaining to the costs associated with the consumption of marijuana. Here, we answer some of these questions by giving a fair estimate of what medical marijuana can cost you in the New York.

Factors Influencing Cost

The cost of medical marijuana in the United States is typically impacted by numerous factors, a few of which we have mentioned below. A deep understanding of these factors would help you better understand how much the drug would cost you, based on your given situation. Unfortunately, the designation of Schedule 1 prohibits insurance companies from paying for the products purchased. You will need cash or debit to purchase medical marijuana in NY dispensaries.

Location of the Purchase

The location of the purchase and the quality of the bud play an important role in influencing the cost upwards or downwards. Typically, in New York, your 30-day supply can cost anywhere from $50 to several hundred, depending on what you buy.

The costs will vary between this range based on the products you choose and the quantity.

Multiple Forms of the drug

The popularity of medical marijuana has meant that it is now available in multiple forms. The drug is available in tincture, oral spray, tablets and capsules and vaporized inhalation to name a few. Concentrates might cost you differently based on the product in use. Smoking marijuana is prohibited in NY, as are edibles.


Tinctures, which are basically concentrated medical marijuana in liquid form, come in bottles of one-ounce each. Tinctures are applied with a dropper under the tongue generally every 4-5 hours. They take around 30 min to work. This method of administration is considered very cost effective. A bottle of tincture usually goes for around $15-$50 depending on the strength of the concentration.


Inhalation vapor, or “vape” is extremely popular. One generally costs $70-85. The use of the vape is simple and the effects are immediate. A major downside is that it lasts less than the tincture, only around 2-3 hours.

Tablets and Capsules

This type of product is the priciest. The upside is that it capsules and tablets lasts 6-8 hours which makes it the most desirable choice for those with chronic unrelenting pain. A 30-day supply of pills will cost over $200 generally.

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Lauraine Kanders is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and NYS Medical Marijuana Practitioner with 25 years+ of experience in adult health and acute care. She operates a telemedicine practice to certify patients for medical marijuana in New York State who suffer from approved severe, chronic, debilitating and severe conditions . Her inspiration for this business came about while working with her primary care house call patient population.