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Staten Island is one of the five boroughs of New York City, in the U.S. state of New York. It is located in the southwest portion of the city and is separated from New Jersey by the Arthur Kill and the Kill Van Kull and from the rest of New York by New York Bay. The North Shore of Staten Island is the most urban part of the island; it contains the designated St. George Historic District and the St. Paul's Avenue-Stapleton Heights Historic District, which feature large Victorian houses. The East Shore is home to the fourth largest boardwalk in the world- the F.D.R. Boardwalk. The South Shore, is now mostly suburban. The West Shore is the most industrial part of the island.

Reaching Staten Island from Brooklyn requires crossing the Verrazzano-Narrows Bridge. To reach the borough from New Jersey, one must cross via the Outerbridge Crossing, Goethals Bridge and Bayonne Bridge. Staten Island is the only borough that is not connected to the New York City Subway system. The Staten Island Ferry connects the borough across New York Harbor to Manhattan and is a popular tourist attraction, providing views of the Statue of Liberty, Ellis Island and Lower Manhattan. This ferry is free!

Staten Island Map New York

Staten Island is the least populated borough of NYC with an estimated population of 479,458 in 2017. As mentioned in the 2009 American Community Survey,  Staten Island’s population was predominantly 75.7% White (65.8% non-Hispanic White alone), 10.2% Black or African American (9.6% non-Hispanic Black or African American alone)....There is also a significant Polish community and a large Sri Lankan community. Little Sri Lanka in the Tompkinsville neighborhood is home to one of the largest Sri Lankan communities outside of the country of Sri Lanka.[47][48]. The island’s remoteness takes a little more effort to reach NYC and surrounding areas for many services. One such example is not having a state approved medical marijuana dispensary in the borough.  Residents of Staten Island must rely on getting to neighboring boroughs like Manhattan and Brooklyn or have their medication delivered (which is a nice option.). Hopefully, this year, that will change. Getting to a registered medical marijuana provider to get certified may also prove difficult due to the smaller number of available on the island. Luckily, Medical Marijuana Recs NY can help with that! This 100% telemedicine service (Online) is a godsend for residents of Staten Island who wish to get a card to medicate legally with medical marijuana.With the help of technology, one can easily get certified ONLINE without leaving their peaceful island!

Medical Marijuana Recs NY, a New York based company, is committed to providing the residents of  Staten Island with easy access to online telemedicine appointments to get certified.  Again, this method of visitation is advantageous for those who live far from medical marijuana providers or cannot travel to a doctor’s offices because of their severe, chronic, debilitating conditions. Lauraine Kanders,NP and her team at Medical Marijuana Recs NY make this service possible to qualified residents via telemedicine, also known as "video chat" for the purposes of providing the people of Staten Island with expert service in a safe, quick, easy, and efficient manner. Their goal is to help those living in Staten Island to achieve healthier lifestyles and manage their chronic conditions safely with cannabis use. By working with these medical cannabis experts, you will discover how to improve your well-being using medical marijuana. The testimonials on the web speak for themselves. After reading them, you will come to realize that you will be in good hands.

When you connect with the Medical Marijuana Recs NY practitioners, you see how compassionate, caring and committed they truly are. Lauraine Kanders, NP and her team are thorough and make sure that you meet the residency and medical requirements by evaluating your documents for free! The entire process is fast; all you need is an internet connection and a device. Superb safeguards are in place to ensure HIPAA compliance. Medical records are encrypted and your online visits are conducted on a secure portal. Google the reviews to appreciate their value!

Why Medical Marijuana?


HIV stands for human immunodeficiency virus, it is a disease that infects certain immune cells within the body (mainly CD4 and T-helper cells). Once the virus has entered your body it replicates quickly, causing your immune system to grow progressively HIV/AIDSweaker. This makes you more susceptible to health infections and other transmissible diseases, while also limiting your body’s ability to fight off these illnesses.

Left untreated, HIV becomes AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome). Unlike HIV, AIDS cannot be effectively treated. This disease makes infected individuals extremely vulnerable to a range of common and uncommon infections. Even something as simple as a cold can wreak havoc on your body in this weakened state.

ART Therapy for HIV


But in 1996, a breakthrough occurred. Recognizing that the quickly replicating virus was able to build up a resistance to specific ART medications very quickly, scientists decided to bring together some of these ART therapies in the form of one combination drug. This new drug could effectively suffocate HIV virus and prevent it from developing a resistance to any one class of treatment. By the following year this new class of drugs called highly active antiretroviral therapy (HAART) abbreviated to just ART today, had become the standard form of care for HIV-infected individuals in North America. Today, these treatments have been perfected to the point that it can reduce HIV to nearly undetectable levels in the human body. While a daily dose of ART can stop HIV from replicating any further, it will not affect cells that are already infected by the virus. If patients skip treatments, then virus levels in the blood can easily spike again. Ultimately, abandoning treatment will mean that the virus simply picks up where it left off initially.·And for many, they know that ART is not without side effects.


At the height of the AIDS epidemic one of the most common causes of death was an illness known as cachexia or wasting syndrome. Defined as the loss of more than 10% of your base body mass, this condition was brought on by a variety of AIDS-related factors including: oral thrush, chronic diarrhea, vomiting, nausea, irregular metabolism, suppressed appetite, and an overactive immune system. Together, these symptoms meant that patients had to eat twice as much to maintain their regular bodyweight, even as it became increasingly difficult to do so. Unfortunately, these issues were only exasperated by early ART treatments that were available at the time.

With few alternatives and scarce medical guidance, patients were forced to find their own methods of resolving the symptoms of wasting syndrome. For many, marijuana proved to be the answer. Currently, 23 States including New York have approved medical marijuana for treatment of cachexia, while 6 other States include wasting syndrome as a qualifying condition for medical marijuana treatment.


Chronic pain is one of the most commonly reported symptoms for people living with HIV.Recent studies show that anywhere from 54% to 83% of HIV-positive individuals experience this issue on an ongoing basis, with symptoms reported as being moderate to severe in intensity. Despite the introduction of successful ART treatments, the prevalence rate for these reports has not fallen over the past 30 years which shows there is a clear need in the market for effective chronic pain remedies.


About 1/3 of HIV-positive individuals suffer from some form of peripheral neuropathic damage. This can either be caused by the effects of the virus itself, or as a side effect from ART. Neuropathy can affect one or multiple nerves across the body. Studies conducted in 2013 and 2015, showed that medical marijuana can be effective in reducing pain at lowered dosages when compared to conventional treatments for peripheral neuropathy. They also found that cannabis offers a promising alternative for cancer-related neuropathy and related chronic pain.


At Medical Marijuana Recs NY we’re set up to help chronically ill patients gain access to medical marijuana in Staten Island and all of New York, conveniently and affordably. Our qualified practitioners, under the guidance of Lauraine Kanders NP, can perform a comprehensive assessment and set you on the path to gaining your medical marijuana certificate typically on the same day. Send your documents for a free review. Schedule now!

The spinal cord forms a pathway between your brain and the rest of your body. It works in connection with your brain to control movement, sensation, behavior and a range of unconscious processes.

A damaged spinal cord can significantly impact your quality of life. You may experience symptoms of limited mobility, impaired motor functions, spasticity and reduced sensation throughout the body to poor bowel/bladder control, sexual dysfunction, and chronic pain. When referring to the severity of spinal injury, the term completeness applies. An injury is considered to be complete when the patient loses all feelings and motor functions below the impact point of the injury. This form of paralysis can affect all the limbs of the body (tetraplegia), or it can be restricted to the trunk, legs and pelvic organs (paraplegia). With incomplete injuries are less severe, even minor spinal damage can reduce your ability to carry out everyday tasks for weeks on end.

At last count, spinal cord injuries affect up to 1.1% of the US population, an estimated 347,000 people. Approximately 38% of these injuries are caused by motor vehicle accidents, with accidental falls occuring at 30%. Other contributing factors include:
· Sports injuries
· Medical/surgical errors
· Medical conditions such as:
o Spina bifida, a birth defect in which babies spines fail to develop properly
o Spinal Muscular Atrophy, a genetic condition that affects muscle movement and control.
o Spinal Stenosis a narrowing of the spaces between the spine
o Syringomyelia, a fluid-filled cyst that develops in the spine causing damage to the surrounding areas.
Spinal damage cannot be reversed; modern treatments are largely focused around controlling and managing the effects of the trauma.

Medical research has shown that medical cannabis holds significant promise in treating the symptoms of spinal damage. Cannabinoids are chemicals contained within the cannabis plant which activate specific cannabinoid receptors located throughout the human body; receptors are particularly concentrated in the central nervous system where the spine resides. Studies show that these receptors play a critical role in regulating pain perception in humans.
Currently, patients with spinal cord damage are only eligible for medical marijuana certifications in New York if they can show “objective neurological indications of intractable spasticity”.

Over 80% of people who suffer from spinal cord damage experience some form of spasticity. If you have sustained a spinal injury or developed spinal damage through a medical condition then you may have symptoms of spasticity.
Spasticity impairs your body’s ability to coordinate and control muscular movements. This can lead to:
· Involuntary muscle spasms and exaggerated reflex reactions.
· Involuntary motions throughout the body, including the bowels.
· Involuntary tightening of the muscles.
· Rapid muscle contractions.
· Locked/stiff joints.
As these symptoms worsen, patients often experience severe pain and increasingly restricting motor functions.

If you have any of these symptoms, you may be eligible for medical marijuana certification in New York. Contact our representatives at Medical Marijuana Recs NY for a free evaluation and document review. Our expert medical practitioners, under the guidance of Lauraine Kanders NP , help qualifying patients start the medical marijuana certification process today. Same day certifications possible.

The Process


By following some easy steps, you can get certified for medical marijuana in New York through our portal. Each state follows has its own regulations. But we thoroughly understand the requirements for getting a certification in NY, and cater to people who qualify for MM use within the state.







That is it! After you get your card, you will head to one of the New York dispensaries to meet with a pharmacist to obtain products. The provision of the certificate and the card, however, depends on whether you qualify for the use according to the laws of the state.


We service all parts of Staten Island! New Brighton, Livingston, Huguenot West Brighton, Great Kill, Annadale, or anywhere else...we can see you online!

Our video chat conference allows you to connect with our medical cannabis specialists from your home on your device at your convenience.

New Yorker's, we have helped countless patients and would love to help you too! Partner with Medical Marijuana Recs NY and book an appointment today.

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GOOD NEWS! Citiva Coming to Staten Island soon!

Nearest are Brooklyn and Manhattan.


“Our Mission: To advance the science of cannabinoid medicine and improve the lives of people in communities around the world.”

Phone: 212-357-3145
Address: 202 Flatbush Ave, Brooklyn, NY (Across from Barclays Center, SW Side)
Hours: 10am – 7pm Daily
Products: See Website

Citiva Brooklyn

Citiva Hudson Valley

Columbia Care

“Columbia Care’s Manhattan dispensary is the very first medical marijuana dispensary in New York State. We serve patients from all five boroughs of New York City and across New York State.”

Phone: 212-271-0925
Address: 44 Court Street, Brooklyn, NY 11201
Hours: 10am – 6pm Monday-Wednesday and Friday, 9am – 6pm Thursday, and 10am - 4pm Saturday and Sunday
Products: Sublingual tinctures, Vaporization Oils, Hard-Pressed Tablets, Lotions, Suppositories

Columbia Brooklyn

Columbia Care Dispensary – Manhattan

Columbia Care Riverhead

Columbia Care Rochester

Columbia Care

“Columbia Care’s Manhattan dispensary is the very first medical marijuana dispensary in New York State. We serve patients from all five boroughs of New York City and across New York State.”

Phone: 646-453-7178
Address: 212 E 14th Street, New York, NY, 10003
Hours: 10am – 7pm Monday-Friday and 11am – 5pm Saturday and Sunday
Products: Sublingual tinctures, Vaporization Oils, Hard-Pressed Tablets, Lotions, Suppositories

Columbia Care Dispensary – Manhattan

Columbia Care Riverhead

Columbia Care Rochester

Columbia Brooklyn


“Our mission in New York is to provide the highest grade medical marijuana in the safest and most welcoming environment.”

Phone: (646) 846-5551
Address: 433 5th Ave, New York, NY, 10016
Hours: 10am – 8 pm Monday-Sunday
Products: Pens, Drops, Gels, Lotions

MedMen Buffalo

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MedMen Lake Success

MedMen Fifth Avenue (Bryant Park)


“Our mission is to improve the quality of life for patients in New York State by providing access to the highest quality, pharmaceutical-grade medical marijuana treatments available.”

Phone: (914) 437 7898
Address: 142 E. 39th St, New York, NY, 10016
Hours: Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday:10am – 6pm; Thursday 12N-7 PM; Friday 10 AM-6pm; Saturday 11am-5pm
Products: Capsule, Tincture, Oral Spray, Vaporization, Powder

Etain Health Medical Marijuana Dispensary – NYC

Etain Health Medical Marijuana Dispensary Syracuse

Etain Health Medical Marijuana Dispensary Kingston

Etain Health Medical Marijuana Dispensary – Yonkers


“Our mission is to provide patients suffering from debilitating and life-threatening illnesses with compassionate service and access to high-quality medical marijuana from trained medical professionals.”

Phone: (212) 689-8676
Address: 2 E 30th St, New York, NY 10016
Hours: Closed Sunday/Monday, 10 AM-7 PM Tuesday, 10AM-6PM Wednesday-Friday , 10 AM-3PM Saturday
Products: Capsules, Oral Spray, Powder, Suppository, Tablet, Tincture, Topical, Vape Cartridge

Fiorello Pharmaceuticals

Lauraine Kanders

About Lauraine Kanders

Lauraine Kanders is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and NYS Medical Marijuana Practitioner with 25 years+ of experience in adult health and acute care. She operates a telemedicine practice to certify patients for medical marijuana in New York State who suffer from approved severe, chronic, debilitating and severe conditions . Her inspiration for this business came about while working with her primary care house call patient population.