One Success Story After Another

January 22, 2020  |  Success Story After Another

Medical Marijuana Certification NY

By, Lauraine Kanders, ANP, ACNP-BC

At Medical Marijuana Recs NY, we are privileged to help patients coping with a broad range of diseases and conditions who want to seek a healthier, more natural alternative to dangerous opioids. In this blog, we’ve collected testimonials from a selection of our most recent patients, with names and details changed as needed for privacy.

Colitis Patients Can Get Help

One recent patient, Matthew, visited our office after a long history of suffering with colitis flare-ups and abdominal pain. During his visit, Lauraine Kanders was able to listen to his concerns and offer recommendations for managing the pain, including assistance with receiving his medical marijuana card. Matthew described her as “knowledgeable and compassionate,” and in the year and a half since his initial visit he has “noticed considerable relief with [his] symptoms and [his] quality of life as vastly improved.”

Chronic Pain Patients Can Get Help

Another patient, Karen, visited because of her chronic pain. She described Lauraine Kanders, ANP, ACNP-BC as “extremely friendly and patient,” and complimented her listening skills and ability to answer questions. The process of receiving her medical marijuana certification was simple, and it has helped to “ease [her] chronic pain.”

One of our other chronic pain patients, Jeremy, was in a tremendous amount of pain and did not want to take opiates. After his visit with our office, he was able to experience a decreased pain level and “get a better night’s sleep.” He is no longer “tired when [he] wake[s] up in the morning,” and has “not had the need to take Tylenol or Advil.”

CRPS Patients Can Get Help

A patient from a while ago, Rebecca, reached out to let us know that she found relief through medical marijuana received after visiting Lauraine Kanders, NP. Rebecca had been living with complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS) for over 11 years, and finally found relief. She described our office and Lauraine Kanders, NP as “a wealth of information and professionalism.” If you’ve tried everything else and find yourself needing a quality alternative, we are here to help.

Colitis, Chronic Pain and CRPS Patients Can Get Relief from Lauraine Kanders, ANP, ACNP-BC

To explore pain reliever alternatives that don’t interact poorly with your other medications or to schedule an appointment, visit our website or call us at (516) 570-7565. Lauraine Kanders offers online consults via telemedicine to patients coping with chronic pain, neuropathic pain, post op pain and more. Live your best pain-free life with help from Lauraine Kanders.