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My Doctor doesn’t want me to get Medical Marijuana! HELP!

The medical benefits of the magic herb are being realized by more and more people across the United States. With extensive research being done in this regard, many states now accept that Medical Marijuana or MMJ legalization is a serious matter worthy of consideration. New York State has also followed suit, and has specified a list of conditions that qualify for MMJ use.

However, despite easy access to MMJ, there are still some patients who cannot get permission from their registered medical practitioner to start its use.

Are you one such patient who has a condition that qualifies for MMJ use, but cannot get consent from your practitioner? Well, the following facts would help you in your quest:

1. Your doctor’s support may sound important, but it is not mandatory. The process for getting access to MMJ is patient driven.

2. It is the right of a patient with a qualifying condition in NYS to apply for MMJ use.

3. Your doctor could be worried about addictions and other implications. In fact, MMJ is still an unchartered territory, which most doctors don’t know much about. Their worries could be justified, but ill-researched.


Now that you have a fair idea of the facts concerning NYS Medical Marijuana card evaluation, you can adhere to the following course of action to become a certified MMJ user in NYS with your doctor’s consent.

1. Start of by showing your doctor our website and some of our blogs pertaining to MMJ use in NY.

2. If that doesn’t work, go for an online medical marijuana consultation in NYS, with us, and let us explain to them the importance of MMJ use for you.

3. If you want to use MMJ because you want to get off Opioids, then explain this to your doctor. Opioid use now qualifies for MMJ use, and you can refer to the danger of opioid addiction as a reason for MMJ use.

4. Let them know that you will be following up and will adhere to safe practices.

5. Share with your doctor any previous steps you had taken to manage your chronic condition, which haven’t worked. Take into account certain suggestions from your medical marijuana practitioner in NYS, and practice restrictive use.

With the right steps you can soon start using MMJ in New York State. We at Medical Marijuana Recs NY provide people with online medical marijuana consultations in New York State. Our expert medical practitioners support you and help you in the process to get an MMJ card.

At Medical Marijuana Recs NY, we provide our visitors with online video chats to become certified for Medical Marijuana in New York State. Our group of NPs and doctors strive towards helping get certified. Click here to see if you qualify!

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Lauraine Kanders

About Lauraine Kanders

Lauraine Kanders is a Board Certified Nurse Practitioner and NYS Medical Marijuana Practitioner with 25 years+ of experience in adult health and acute care. She operates a telemedicine practice to certify patients for medical marijuana in New York State who suffer from approved severe, chronic, debilitating and severe conditions . Her inspiration for this business came about while working with her primary care house call patient population.