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1. Ensure that you are a legal resident of New York with authentic identification as a proof of residency.

2. Connect to the portal, and register your account by clicking an appointment button on the website.

3. Fill out all forms.

4. Submit your ID and all medical documentation relating to your illness through secure email: info@mmr-ny.com or upload to the portal. If you or your doctors office prefer, you can FAX to: 516-299-9118. Any records which establish your qualifying condition will be admissible including: an official letter from your primary care physician, records of past palliative treatments and outcomes, diagnostic reports, blood tests and MRI scans. It may be necessary to overcome roadblocks to getting your information. We can help.

5. All communications carried out through partner portal, MarijuanaDoctors.Com are encrypted and any personal details will be stored according to strict HIPAA regulations so you can always be assured of complete confidentiality. 

6.Show up for your appointment to have your live video conference with a registered New York medical marijuana doctor or nurse practitioner. The consultation session will take no more than 10-15 minutes. Our practitioners are always ready to help. 

7. Realize that payment is due prior to the visit. You will be invoiced by email.

8. After the video chat, a confirmatory email is sent to your inbox with the certification. 

9. Next, complete an application for a Medical Marijuana Card through the Health Department’s online system at www.health.ny.gov/regulations/medical_marijuana/. You will not have to pay the $50 application fee if you select,"bill me later."

10. You will get a temporary card immediately (in most cases). You will receive your medical marijuana card by mail form the state within 7-10 days. 

11. Congratulations! You are now all set up to purchase medical marijuana through any NY-State approved dispensary.

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