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Read this to know how to get your Medical Marijuana Cards in Greenpoint, Brooklyn.

Greenpoint is the northernmost neighborhood in the Brooklyn, NY. On the southwest border you will find Williamsburg,  on the southeast border you will reach the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway and East Williamsburg, on the northern border you can see Newtown Creek and Long Island City, Queens at the Pulaski Bridge, and on the western border you will find the East River.

There is a large Polish influence in Greenpoint. There is a large Polish immigrant and Polish-American community and for this reason it has earned the name, Little Poland. Polish restaurants, markets, and businesses are in abundance.

At one point, Greenpoint was farmland and many of the farm owners’ family names, such as Meserole and Calyer, are current street names. It has a reputation of being a working class and immigrant neighborhood, and it initially attracted families and workers with its abundance of factory jobs and dock work. Like many surrounding parts of Manhattan, there has been a building boom and this has made Greenpoint increasingly a center of nightlife and gentrification

Polish down to the bone, Greenpoint residents enjoy eastern European cuisine. From pierogies to kielbasa, traditional Polish dishes can be found lining Manhattan Avenue. Karczma Polish Restaurant is known to locals for the traditional authentic cooking. Old Poland Bakery, has rose jelly filled doughnut. Eagle Trading Co. is a local favorite, serving everything from lattes to meatball sandwiches.  Glasserie, a modern fusion of Mediterranean cuisine, sits tucked away in an industrial style building.  EsmeBrooklyn Label and Anella, are popular restaurants. With neighboring, trendy, Williamsburg next door, Greenpoint rivals the night scene and shopping experience.

Greenpoint is also situated near two medical marijuana dispensaries. With the legalization of medical marijuana, residents of Brooklyn with qualifying conditions can legally medicate their conditions. All one needs is a qualifying condition and a visit to a NYS registered medical marijuana practitioner. Thanks to technology, one does not have to leave their home to connect with one of these specialists. Medical Marijuana Recs NY,a New York based company, will meet with you securely via video chat to get you certified for a medical marijuana card. This method of visitation is advantageous to those with severe, chronic, debilitating conditions. Lauraine Kanders, NP and her team at Medical Marijuana Recs NY make this type of service possible to qualified residents of Brooklyn and all New Yorkers for the purposes of providing a safe, quick, easy, and efficient service that puts patients needs first. Their goal is to help those living in Greenpoint and neighboring areas to achieve a healthier lifestyle and to manage their chronic conditions safely with cannabis use. A strong emphasis is placed on education so that patients can effectively utilize medical marijuana to improve their medical condition. By working with these medical cannabis experts, you will discover how to improve your well-being using medical marijuana. The testimonials on the website speak are amazing- All 5 star! You will come to realize that Lauraine Kanders and her team is professional, caring and committed.  They will make sure you meet the residency and medical requirements by evaluating your documents for free! The entire evaluation process is fast; all you need is an internet connection and a device. Superb safeguards are in place to ensure HIPAA compliance. Medical records are encrypted and your online visits are conducted on a secure portal.

Why Medical Marijuana?


My name is Lauraine Kanders. I am a medical marijuana practitioner in the state of New York. Today, I would like to talk to you about why you should get certified with me at Medical Marijuana Recs. Don’t be fooled. Getting a certificate is the easy part. But finding a good practitioner can be quite a challenge. You will want to work with me because you will benefit from my experience and will appreciate my dedication and devotion to improving your debilitating condition. You will be amazed at how fast I can see you. In most cases with proper documents, you will be seen online, certified and in the dispensary in hours and you will know to manage your condition.

Unlike the major competitors who give a low ball price, I provide a high quality service which includes what types of products to consider, where to go and what you can afford. Trust me, you do not get this for the low cost when you work giants. Also, the major players will lure you in and then deny you because you are on opioids and present a risk. I, on the other hand, look forward to the challenge of weaning you off the opioids for a healthier lifestyle. I hate opioids!

While you may see a follow up as an added expense, it is well worth it. For a nominal fee, I can assure you that you are are using the products safely and effectively to treat your condition so that you don’t give up, waste your money or your time or live in pain because you were not advised correctly.

My service is personal and unparalleled. I answer all emails and calls promptly and field calls from patients and pharmacists- you always get me, not a different doctor each time. I have a very high success rate and return rate because of my close relationships with my patients- consider this is a concierge medical service included in the price! And lastly, I frequently get patients that have been certified with other practitioners and were unhappy with the cost, lack of direction and the whole experience. They appreciate the difference working with me and you will too!

I encourage you to read more about me and my service on the web at or call me at 516-570-7565.

At Medical Marijuana Recs NY, we provide our visitors with online video chats to become certified for Medical Marijuana in New York State. Our group of NPs and doctors strive towards helping get certified. Join us and you will be in good hands! Click here to see if you qualify!

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By following some easy steps, you can get certified for medical marijuana in Brooklyn through our portal. Each state follows has its own regulations. But we thoroughly understand the requirements for getting a certification in NY, and cater to people who qualify for MM use within the state.




That is it! After you get your card, you will head to one the New York City Dispensaries to meet with a pharmacist to obtain products. The provision of the certificate and the card, however, depends on whether you qualify for the use according to the laws of the state.


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