Five Key Factors To Find the Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary

June 13, 2019  |  Five Key Factors To Find the Best Medical Marijuana Dispensary

By, Lauraine Kanders, ANP, ACNP-BC

No matter how experienced you are with medical marijuana, choosing a dispensary poses a challenge. You want to ensure getting high-quality medical marijuana while also receiving caring service from registered pharmacists. So, how do you go about choosing the best marijuana dispensary for medical weed? Here are five factors to help you when making your decision.

1. Ambiance & Legitimacy

You want to find a dispensary that feels and is being run like a doctor’s office. You should feel welcomed, supported by good, medically qualified staff. You need to feel at ease and be safe. A dispensary should operate like any other health organization. It’s privacy and patient rights policy should be as detailed as those found in a hospital or a pharmacy.

You can find dispensaries with lounge areas and fresh coffee while you wait for your appointment. Convenience matters too!

Refrain from going into dispensaries that rush you or get you confused. If you feel the staff are misleading or judgmental about you, or if you feel unsafe, its best to avoid such dispensaries.

When you get to a dispensary, they should ask for a photo ID and also check for verification that you are a legitimate medical marijuana patient. All NYS approved dispensaries follow this protocol.

The staff needs to be informed about the methods of administration and potency. An initial consult with a pharmacist will guide you properly.

Registered pharmacists need to be attentive and friendly to customers. They should go out of their way to make you feel comfortable with the product you end up purchasing.

2. Marijuana Offerings 

The most popular way to use medical marijuana in NYS are through vaporization, tincture& oral spray, capsules/tablets and topical application (waxes, balms, etc). Each form provides a different set of benefits and is prescribed based on your unique symptoms. For example, medical marijuana in capsule or tablets are preferred by those who are concerned about presenting harm to their lungs. 

Topical treatments are meant for those experiencing joint pains since they are best suited for localized pain relief. Tinctures and oral sprays are great for systemic relief.

Before selecting a medical marijuana dispensary near you, it’s best that you talk to your qualified practitioner about the method of consumption that will be best for you. Once you have this information, ask your dispensary pharmacist for the various options.

3. Choice or Selections Offered 

Your ideal dispensary should offer you a menu based on the many varieties of strains which include indica, sativa and a hybrid. These strains will come in ratios of THC : CBD. Geneticists and growers develop new strains all the time.

Your dispensary pharmacist should offer you a menu from these varieties so that you can pick the best one suited for your condition.

4. Price & Quality of Products 

This is easily the most important of the five factors to be considered when choosing a dispensary. You will want to first consult your qualified practitioner to talk about what strand is going to be best for your unique condition.

Know that quality cannabis costs a premium. Medical Marijuana pricing can be varying greatly. Dispensaries are like stores and can put a price on their products. The average person pays $100-150 per month.

Dispensaries try to offer incentives like sales or free delivery, so look for those offers. Only quality cannabis provides the medicinal effects you want besides an all around pleasurable experience.

5. Location

You need to choose your dispensary based on your location. There are 40 dispensaries scattered throughout New York. Find one near you.

You don’t want to travel two hours to get to a dispensary if you don’t have to. There are many online resources to help you find a dispensary – we recommend to find a dispensary near you in New York.

All of the dispensaries have product offerings and prices online. You may have to pick your location to see what the dispensary in your locality actually has. Another perk and trend is the availability of virtual consults with the dispensary pharmacist and local delivery. These are two great options!

There are many dispensaries that offer delivery of cannabis within a certain radius or location. Cannabis delivered to your door can’t be beat. This is ideal if you have an illness or condition that makes leaving the house difficult.

Also, keep in mind that the legal possession limit which depends on your state. Keep that in mind when making a purchase.

In closing, don’t forget these Guidelines 

– Always carry a valid state ID and your registry identification card
– Do not use the product right away but wait until you get home
– Dispensaries only accept cash or debit cards. Some may have their own credit card which you can apply for
– Your first consultation will be with a NYS registered pharmacist
– Check for positive reviews on Yelp, visit the dispensary Facebook page and their website


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