Medical Marijuana Recs NY FAQ

Will this process be easy and quick?

Definitely! The registration process is quick and the confidential video-conference will last on average lasts 15 minutes.

What if I don't have the documents or medical records you suggest?

Documents are the key to supporting your diagnosis.  Please  provide supporting documents. It may be helpful to learn how to overcome roadblocks to getting your information from your provider. We can help you if necessary.

Will I be put on a government list?

When you register with NYS for a Medical Marijuana card, NYS will automatically be put on the state list.

How often do I have to certify for Medical Marijuana in NY?

Only once per year. Visit the website and register on our partner portal, Follow ups are required. We will send you notifications to remind you.

What are my expenses?

The only expense you will have with us is for the online recommendation, follow up or recertification. Other expenses to consider are $50 Department of Health (DOH) fee the state will charge you (at present they are waiving this) and of course, the products you buy at the dispensary. You are responsible for your financial decisions.

Registration FAQ

How do I make an appointment?

Tap any online appointment button on our website and you will go straight to the appointment booking area! Our portal partner is MarijuanaDoctors.Com. You will be directed there. If you need assistance, call our appointment support line, M-F 9-5 at: 1-888-392-9772.

Is it difficult to register for an account with Medical Marijuana Recs NY?

Nope! It is a super easy process. After you book an appointment through our site, you will work within our third party portal: MarijuanaDoctors.Com to complete all necessary paperwork. 

How do I get my information to you?

Take pictures of your ID and medical records with your phone and upload to the patient portal or send via encryption to us at or via FAX to: 516-299-9118.

Will you send me reminders?

You bet! We send reminders for everything. The only thing you have to remember is your password to the confidential patient portal! 

Which devices and browsers are supported?

Preferred browsers are Chrome and Safari. Use any device with a camera and mic. Connect with us any way you choose to!