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Does Medical Marijuana Help Improve Parkinson's and Huntington's

Both Parkinson’s and Huntington’s are progressive disorders within the nervous system that may hinder your movement and may leave you with a partial inability to move. Both of these conditions have a broad impact on your ability to move and to think properly (your cognitive ability). Parkinson’s in particular grows at a gradual pace and may start with a slightly noticeable tremor on one of your hands. This tremor then grows to become something serious, which may lead to bigger implications.

Although, a tremor is looked to as one of the most common symptoms of Parkinson’s and Huntington’s, other symptoms of the disease include stiffness in the body and the slowness of movement. The symptoms for Parkinson’s deteriorate over time, and you might have to opt for the medication options necessary for limiting the disease from spreading.

While Huntington’s and Parkinson’s are two separate diseases, their symptoms often interchange. The symptoms may initially start with the inability to develop expression and slurred speech, which may deteriorate over the period of time. The symptoms for Parkinson’s and Huntington’s include:

• Tremor: Shaking or tremors usually begin in any of your limbs. Your hands and forefingers may show the first sign of the tremors and you may not be able to handle things without spilling them. Your steps can get shorter, and your legs may shake more than normal.

• Impaired Posture: Parkinson’s can make you experience problems with balancing yourself, and your posture may stoop down.

• Rigid Muscles: You can suffer from stiff muscles in any part of the body, and you might find it hard to move around with these hardened muscles.

• Speech Changes: You can experience slurred speech as part of Parkinson’s or Huntington’s.

Marijuana is believed to have numerous benefits for PD and HD. Patients suffering from any of these progressive diseases on the central nervous system can receive great help from the use of medical marijuana. Benefits that can be experienced from the use of medical marijuana for limiting the impact of Parkinson’s and Huntington’s include:

• Pain relief

• Better quality of sleep

• Reduced tremors for those who are suffering from the conditions. As mentioned above, tremors are common for PD and HD, which is why reduced tremors can help patients in doing regular tasks from writing to drinking water.

• Improved mood

• Easier movement. Again, as we mentioned above, patients have to suffer from limited movement in the case of both these diseases, and medical marijuana can help reduce these implications.

While many other medications recommended by medical experts may lead towards other serious side effects, medical marijuana does not carry a lengthy list of such effects.


  • Prominent research conducted on PD patients to check the impact of medical marijuana on their condition showed signs of the positive impact the medical herb has on patients. Patients reported better sleeping patterns and reduced tremors and pain. Another research study found the presence of anti-inflammatory properties in Cannabinoids, which may help patients suffering from numerous diseases, including PD and HD.

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