Do You Want an MMJ Card or Do You Want Results?

December 02, 2019  | Do You Want an MMJ Card or Do You Want Results?

By, Lauraine Kanders, ANP, ACNP-BC

Medical Marijuana Certification for qualifying patients began as a necessity. Cannabis is still illegal federally, yet many states have legalized it for medical usage with a few states approving laws for recreational use.

With anything new, there is good and bad. Some in the industry are not providing a quality service and are certifying patients unscrupulously without regard to their safety or needs. This article will explore some common pitfalls to avoid. It will become apparent to you that choosing your medical marijuana practitioner wisely is important.

The Business of Medical Marijuana

In 2014, the Cannabis Career Institute offered a ten-hour crash course. About 150 participants paid $299 per person to learn legal loopholes like putting “dispensing medicine” or “home pain remedies” on any public advertising. Cut-rate services may to very little to actually ensuring you get the results you are looking for.

In New York, a lot of work has gone into setting up a reputable way to get safe medical marijuana products to the needy public.

As the industry matured from 2012, various states approved legislation in favor of legalizing medical marijuana. Every diagnosis for a qualifying illness must be reviewed by a trained medical marijuana practitioner who has passed exams and received state licensing.  You want to work with a practitioner who has an established practice to ensure you are entrusting your care to a bonafide practitioner. Reviews online will show the true ratings of a practitioner. Read several reviews and get an idea of the kind of care you will receive.

Rubber Stamp or Well-thought Out Recommendations ?

Some MMJ recommendation businesses are run by larger companies and the advice and guidance you get with your qualifying appointment maybe little to none. They may meet the minimum obligations but there is a better way. It’s called personal care and a strong ethic to ensure results are programmed in the recommendation.

How Medical Marijuana Recs NY is different!

At Medical Marijuana Recs NY, we make it our business to know the New York Medical Marijuana Program. Owner, Lauraine Kanders is a Board-Certified Nurse Practitioner and NYS Medical Marijuana Practitioner with many years of experience in adult health care. She wants to assure you that relief is possible and aligned with honesty and integrity.

Her inspiration for this business came about while working with her house call patients. Lauraine founded this telemedicine (online) service for patients in NYS who suffer from approved chronic debilitating and severe conditions like: Chronic Pain, Cancer, Parkinson’s, Huntington’s, HIV/AIDS, Spinal Cord disorders with spasticity, PTSD, ALS and MS. Lauraine and her staff provide recommendations for certification and follow up of medical marijuana in the entire state via secure video-conferencing.


At Medical Marijuana Recs NY, we provide our visitors with online video chats to become certified for Medical Marijuana in New York State. Our group of NPs and doctors strive towards helping get certified. Click here to see if you qualify!