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There are roughly 2.7 million residents. Brooklyn received its name after the Dutch village of Breukelen. Brooklyn borders Queens and Western Long Island. It is surrounded by water and thus has several bridges and tunnels that connect to Manhattan across the East River. To reach Staten Island from Brooklyn, one only needs to cross over the Verrazano-Narrows Bridge. Brooklyn is enormous. Located in Kings County: the second most populated county in the United States. Carroll Gardens is a neighborhood in the northwestern portion of the New York City borough of Brooklyn named after  Charles Carroll, the only Roman Catholic signer of the Declaration of Independence.

Brooklyn was an independent incorporated city (and previously an authorized village and town within the provisions of the New York State Constitution) until January 1, 1898. Eventually, Brooklyn was consolidated with the other cities, boroughs, and counties to form the modern City of New York, surrounding the Upper New York Bay with five constituent boroughs. Like the other boroughs, Brooklyn maintains distinct culture. Many Brooklyn neighborhoods are ethnic enclaves. The six main historical Dutch towns are: Bushwick, Brooklyn, Flatlands, Gravesend, New Utrecht and Flatbush.

In the first decades of the 21st century, Brooklyn has experienced a transition as an avant-garde destination for “hipsters,” with concomitant gentrification, large house price increases, and a decrease in low income housing. Of late, Brooklyn has evolved into a thriving hub of entrepreneurship and high-tech start-ups, and of art and design.

Here are some fun facts: Brooklyn has 30 miles of shoreline with beautiful beaches. It is on Long Island but is not considered part of Long Island. It was settled by the Dutch as a farming village in the early 1600s, hence the name Breukelen. A cold war bomb shelter, which included crackers, medical supplies, paper blankets and water drums) was found on the Brooklyn Bridge during a routine structural inspection by city workers. Interestingly, Brooklyn is home to 700 arts and cultural institutions, some of which include: The Brooklyn Museum The Brooklyn MuseumNew York Transit Museum, Brooklyn Children’s Museum, Brooklyn Historical Center, Barclays Center, Brooklyn Academy of Music, and the Wyckoff Farmhouse Museum. More familiarly, Brooklyn is known for famous products like Twinkies, Sweet ‘N Low, Teddy Bears, the first roller coaster, the first bank card and of course, Nathan’s famous hot dogs!

When you ride through Brooklyn neighborhoods you will appreciate the melting pot that Brooklyn has become. There are several micro neighborhoods in Brooklyn. “Little Poland” is an area in Greenpoint, that is rich in polish culture and history. “Little Odessa,” in Brighton Beach, holds the highest concentration of Russian immigrants outside of the eastern hemisphere. “Little Pakistan,” home to the largest population of Pakistani in NYC is located on Coney Island Avenue. Lastly, “Little West Indies” is home to a strong West Indian and Caribbean group in the area of Crown Heights.

With its close proximity to NYC, understandably, “Brooklynites” lead full busy lives. With the legalization of medical marijuana in the state of New York, “Brooklynites” can now qualify for medical cannabis to treat their medical conditions right from the comfort of their own home. There are now a few dispensaries right in Brooklyn for added convenience. 

Here is a fact about Carroll Gardens that I bet you don’t know.  With the legalization of Medical Marijuana in New York, New Yorkers are now able to treat their severe medical condition with medical marijuana. There are dispensaries near Carroll Gardens that make this easily accessible. Lauraine Kanders, a registered medical marijuana practitioner, has an outstanding reputation in the industry and can help you to get certified for medical cannabis.  Her company, Medical Marijuana Recs NY is a premier certifying online service and will meet all of your needs as you seek to get your card.  She will review your documents at no cost and will tell you if you have a  qualifying condition. The formal consult will occur online where you will connect to the practitioner with a device of your choice through a secure HIPAA compliant video chat platform. You will discover how to improve your well being using medical cannabis because these practitioners place a strong emphasis on education during the consultation. No need to take a subway and waste half a day. Enjoy staying home to get certified in a matter of minutes!

Why Medical Marijuana?


Arthritis is a very common condition that severely impacts quality of life for patients suffering from chronic arthritic pain. By conservative estimates, approximately 54 million adults have been diagnosed with arthritis by a health care provider. Whether you are struggling to cope with joint pain and tenderness or inflammation that makes it uncomfortable to live your life, you deserve pain relief.

Medical Marijuana for Chronic Arthritic Pain

If you have been diagnosed with arthritis and struggle to cope with the chronic pain as a result, medical marijuana can help you. Many traditional prescription medications for arthritis have side effects that include nausea, fatigue and an upset stomach. Opioids are also an undesirable option because of the risk for addiction and constipation. However, medical cannabis can soothe pain more effectively than traditional solutions without the nasty side effects. Scientific evidence from recent studies suggests that cannabinoids can offer tremendous therapeutic potential for rheumatic diseases including arthritis.

Helping Those With Chronic Arthritic Pain

When you suffer with pain, it can be agonizing trying to find a provider who understands what you are going through and provides you with satisfactory relief of your symptoms. Many will not give you “opioid” substitutes for fear of addiction.  When we met one patient, Sarah (name changed for patient privacy), she had visited doctors in the past who merely prescribed medicines and physical therapy without regard for results. Lauraine Kanders, NP an experienced medical marijuana practitioner, took a different approach. In her compassionate, unrushed way, Lauraine found a variety of solutions using medical marijuana to help manage her pain better. Since visiting Lauraine Kanders, NP, Sarah’s pain has “decreased by about 50%” and she is able to be “more active, more social and not worry about [her] severe pain nearly as often.”

Arthritic Pain Relief Can Happen

At Medical Marijuana Recs NY, a premier online certification service run by Lauraine Kanders, your success is paramount. Patients are followed to ensure the highest standards of relief using medical marijuana. The process is so simple. As one recent patient said, they were “pleased with how easy it was to get certified for medical marijuana” and that “Lauraine Kanders made…a very complicated process into a simple smooth process.” The goal of her online medical practice is to provide a safe and secure service that will ensure the highest quality of care while guiding you using medical marijuana.

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The Process


By following some easy steps, you can get certified for medical marijuana in Brooklyn through our portal. Each state follows has its own regulations. But we thoroughly understand the requirements for getting a certification in NY, and cater to people who qualify for MM use within the state.




That is it! After you get your card, you will head to one the New York City Dispensaries to meet with a pharmacist to obtain products. The provision of the certificate and the card, however, depends on whether you qualify for the use according to the laws of the state.


We service all parts of Brooklyn! Whether you are from Park Slope, Red Hook, Carroll Gardens, Boerum Hill, Gowanus or anywhere else…we are here for you, online!

Our video chat conference allows you to connect with our medical cannabis specialists from your home on your device at your convenience.

New Yorkers, we have helped countless patients and would love to help you too! Partner with Medical Marijuana Recs NY and book an appointment today.

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