10 FAQs on CBD Oil Answered For You!

July 04, 2019  |  10 FAQs on CBD Oil Answered For You

By, Lauraine Kanders, ANP, ACNP-BC

Over the last few days, I’ve been getting a lot of the same questions about CBD and so I thought I would address them, in case you have the same ones, so here we go:

Q1. What Is CBD?

A. CBD stands for CannaBiDiol and is the non-psychoactive component in cannabis. It is a compound extracted from the cannabis (or hemp) plant that has inflammatory, analgesic and neuroprotectant qualities.

It is able to exert a number of therapeutic effects with NO negative side-effects and doesn’t create the “high” effect like THC, but it provides many therapeutic benefits by working on different receptors within the body.

CBD is the richest of the more than 100 naturally occurring cannabinoids found in hemp plants.

CBD interacts with the human body through our endocannabinoid system and receptors. We have two different receptors in our body which are CB1 and CB2.

CB1 is found mostly in the brain. It affects your mood. It affects emotion. It affects a lot of things when it comes down to your appetite, even coordination, movement and pain.

CB2 works on the body, works on inflammation, works on the immune system, and there is a correlation between CB1 and CB2.

Although CBD oil does not directly affect CB1 nor CB2 receptors, it influences the body to naturally utilize more of your body’s endocannabinoids so you can get all the benefits that CBD Oil has to offer.

Q2 What is CBD used for?

A: There are many common health issues that CBD can help including anxiety and depression, epilepsy and huntington’s and parkinson’s.

There are studies that also suggest that CBD is beneficial for recovery after workouts, relieving pain, managing seizures, fighting the spread of cancer and treating neurological disorders like Parkinson’s disease or Alzheimer’s disease.

Q3: Is CBD the same as “Weed”?

A: In short… NO!

CBD is a non-intoxicating part of the cannabis plant. It makes up less than 1{4987cbd0f1f2865cb2bafb126986dce6dd2988a0c43aa47e1f31c6089a1ab5da} of the cannabis plant and works much different from the rest of the plant. CBD strains help you to perform and recover better, stress less and think clearer without making you high.

Plus, CDB Oil is just that — an oil. All you’ll do is take the recommended dose under the tongue a couple times a day and you’re gold. No smoking involved.

So, CBD is not “weed”. It’s a newly accepted part of the cannabis plant with amazing benefits for your body and mind.

Q4: Will I fail a drug test with it?

A: No! CBD is a new yet accepted essential nutrient. It won’t show up on a drug test and is non-intoxicating. It is medically prescribed in many states under the guidance of a qualified practitioner.

THC is the part of the cannabis plant that’ll get you in trouble. That’s why there isn’t a single trace of THC in medically prescribed CBD Oil. Any product without THC is considered legal in the USA.

Q5: What is in the CBD and what is the “serving size”?

Normally, each 1ml of the Oil contains 8.33mg of CBD. This can vary depending on the dosage prescribed or the manufacturer.

Check out the ingredients sticker on the bottle; here is a sample:

Be sure to check back with your medical practitioner if you have any dosage related queries.

Q6: Is my CBD product safe?

A: Ensure you get a high-quality CBD product that reaches the market after consistent testing and is vetted by the law and authorities. The core product, hemp, should be grown with precaution in a natural way, avoiding all pesticides and chemicals. Both CBD and hemp are safe to be used, as they typically do not cause any side effects.

The current clinical evidence suggests that the active ingredient in CBD oil is safe.

However, with plain CBD Oil, the risk is reduced even further. As CBD does not over stimulate the CB receptors, you don’t have the increased risk of paranoia or other psychological or mental symptoms.

In other words it is considered SAFE provided you do not exceed the prescribed dosages and your Oil comes from a reputed, certified manufacturer!

Q7: How do I know CBD Oil is legit and not just another gimmick?

A: Cannabidiol is extracted from the flowers and buds of marijuana or hemp plants. It does not produce intoxication; marijuana’s “high” is caused by the chemical tetrahydrocannabinol (THC).

CBD oil is legal in over 30 states where medicinal marijuana is legal. However, because of the newness of the legality of marijuana, the FDA has not stepped in to regulate products like CBD oil. States are struggling to put regulations in place, but they don’t have the deep pockets of the federal government.

CBD is kind of a tricky drug because it’s not very well absorbed orally. Less than 20 percent of the drug is absorbed orally. If it isn’t made in the right way, you may not be getting much drug into your systemic circulation. Also, it should be made in the right way so that the intoxicating pot chemical THC is completely removed from the CBD extract.

A 2017 study led by Bonn-Miller found that nearly 7 of 10 CBD products didn’t contain the amount of marijuana extract promised on the label. Controls have definitely moved on since then but manufacturers of CBD are yet to be fully regulated.

My bottom-line advice is people really need to be under the care of a medical practitioner who understands CBD. They need to be monitored and managed by that qualified individual, and not just go out and buy CBD thinking it’s going to be the answer.

Q8: Can I take CBD Oil every day?

A: Yes, provided you have been prescribed by your medical practitioner. All you have to do is take your prescribed dose (one in the morning and one at night, or once daily as advised by your practitioner) and you’ll be good to go. Ensure you do not exceed the clinically proven dose that’ll help your body perform better.

Q9: Is CBD Legal?

Here’s the short answer: if CBD has been extracted from hemp plants and has less than 0.3{4987cbd0f1f2865cb2bafb126986dce6dd2988a0c43aa47e1f31c6089a1ab5da} THC, it is absolutely, positively, 100{4987cbd0f1f2865cb2bafb126986dce6dd2988a0c43aa47e1f31c6089a1ab5da} legal and has been for decades.

CBD is, since 2018, officially legalized for medical treatment of two types of epilepsy. This means that, regardless of individual states’ laws about marijuana, anyone in the USA can obtain CBD Oil. In Canada Cannabis is also LEGAL so you can use CBD oil too.

Q10: Where can I consult someone for my CBD Oil?

A: Short version: you can approach any of the medical practitioners in your state or local area.


I hope that answers some questions for you but as I mentioned before, there are a ton of research that you can read and find online to support the benefits of using CBD Oil.

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